Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gallery painted & Blog Followers

A private bookkeeping client of mine who is fearless and adventurous and generous recently rented a space in my town of Arcata and told me of his plans to open a gallery/retail space for his metal working design business. Since I manage his finances and the space is closer than his home where I have been doing his work for the past year and a half, I suggested that I could work from there and be more on top of cost of goods, etc when he is doing custom work. He agreed and we proceeded to discuss some of his ideas for the space. A month came and went and in the interim I attended An Artful Journey. Upon return from that journey I made the switch to reduce my hours at other jobs and focus on trying to become a book artisan, making and selling custom journals, books and paper. When I spoke with Chris (above mentioned client) I spoke to him about having a retail space in his gallery. He quickly agreed and also proceeded to tell me he was in escrow on a commercial building that had 3 seperate spaces, one which he would use for his shop and metal fabrication, one for storage and one for "studio" rental. Upon further discussion, I suggested that I could manage the gallery, with some of those hours paying for the rental of the studio space. Again, he quickly agreed and so now I am managing a gallery and have a 400 sq. ft space paid for. In addition, I can work at the studio doing the messy stuff, painting, drilling, spreading out and then do the fine painting assembly work while at the gallery where my books will be for sale!

So, for the past 6 days I have been painting the gallery space and visualizing what it will be like when I have books on the shelf for sale. Ideas are continuing to come to me and people are offering other ideas that are great for niche markets and specialty shops. Love it!!!

This journey has barely begun and I am so excited.

And!! I have blog followers.... ha ha, who woulda thunk it??

Tomorrow I am helping a friend paint a mural... which is another new adventure and learning from it that everything has its skill. Whoa... so much to learn.... and I can't wait.

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  1. Gosh this is all so exciting and I just couldn't be happier for you!!! These books are sooooo beautiful, I can't wait to come up and buy one for myself and gifts!!! Lots of wonderful changes going on this year :)